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Tiger 3D Printer – XHD Plus



Producing 12 models in 3 1/2 hours on a build plate that is 57x32x120 (mm), the Tiger3D XHD Plus is for people looking for the finest resolution a 3D printer has to offer. Tiger3D XHD Plus printing utilizes the most advanced high definition DLP technology with each entire layer. Its open system can be used with a wide range of resins and is flexible empowering you with the ability to edit the parameter settings.


• Build Size : 57 x 32 x 120

• Resolution : 30um

The Tiger3D HD Plus Printer Includes:

  • • Bottle of Burgundy Resin
  • • Printing Tank with UV Safe
  • • Resin Storage Box
  • • UV Curing Lamp
  • • 1 Year Warranty
  • • Unlimited Online support
  • • Remote Install and Training Service
  • • Unlimited Software Licenses
  • • Cam Solution for Slicing and Support Generation

Out-of-this-World Surface Quality

Tiger3D printers were designed with the smoothest surface quality in mind. Its unique PLS (Protective Layering System) takes smoothness to the next level. PLS combined with proprietary Floating Glass Technology (FGT) ensures the perfect ratio between smoothness, extremely high resolution and speed.


High Definition

True High Definition. The most advanced 3D printing DLP system in the industry. Tiger3D printers set the standard for DLP high resolution. Its high-end LED DLP projector and proprietary technologies (PLS/FGT) provide the best resolution, requires less supports and improves accuracy. Tiger3D printers are setting the standard for extreme-high-definition printing. Our state-of-the art DLP projectors are rated from 30um to 65um x-y resolution, offering the cleanest, smoothest and most accurate 3D printing results!


Casting Stability

Tiger3D printing resins are formulated to provide clean burnout and casting stability. Whether you cast one custom piece or need large production, Tiger3D materials will meet and exceed your quality expectations. A design can be easily recreated without effort. Waiting the amount of time is desired for a new model to be recreated is cut significantly. Unlike other forms which need to be rebuilt, 3D Printing delivers you an exact copy of the created design over rebuilding a template by hand and is a smooth easy to read the result.

Medical and Dental Applications

Tiger3D printers provide a full range of 3D printing resolution options, combined with a wide selection of build sizes for any medical application. Tiger3D printers give you total flexibility to use diverse photo-polymeric resins, from our Tiger3D engineered materials to third-party resins. Our proprietary software allows you to control all the features and parameters during the 3D printing process. Not only is the ability to print accurate parts highly sought out, but to be reliable in the customers daily production process is a key ability of Tiger3D Printers. With Tiger3D printers, you will satisfy all your additive manufacturing needs in one machine!

Proprietary PLS (Protective Layering System) enhances 3D printing quality and consistency. FGT (Floating Glass Technology) smart design auto-calibrates Tiger3D printers, and delivers amazing results with close to zero human interaction. It’s powerful and intuitive software as well as it’s simple operation makes Tiger3D printers easy to fit any office or manufacturing environment. Low maintenance and robust construction combined with extremely high resolution and fine details reinforce our statement: The most advanced high definition DLP 3D printer in the industry.



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