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The Encore QC features a longer mounting arm (6″) than the original BenchMate and the top edge is curved, providing better clearance and access to your work. The hand-rest has been redesigned so that it can be easily mounted on either side of the tool for left or right-handed work.

As with previous versions, the BenchMate Encore QC can be rotated along all three axes by way of the two large, hand-adjustable pivot screws and by rotating the tool handle in its mount. This allows you to work on your piece from almost any angle, without having to remove it from the fixture.

The BenchMate Encore QC Stone Setter’s Kit includes the following:

  • BenchMate Encore QC
  • Horizontal Inside Ring-Holder with 10 collets
  • Vertical Inside Ring-Holder with 10 collets
  • Fixed Mounting Plate
  • Bench Pin and Holder
  • Hand-Rest
  • 4 replacement plastic jaws
  • 2 hex wrenches (532” and 316“)
  • Mounting screws



B J Oberholzer

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