solar pool covers

top quality 500 micron thickness
only R99.00 per SQM
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500 micron thickness

  1. Save Water: Reduce water evaporation by up to 97%
  2. Reduce your heat loss by up to 75%
  3. Increase temperature: warm your pool by up to 8 degrees
  4. Reduce the pool’s chemical consumption by 50%
  5. Free your pool from dirt, insets or leaves.
  6. Non-toxic, eco-friendly and durable.
  7. UV resistant
  8. This is NOT a Safety Cover
  9. Warranty: 12 months against factory fault 
  10. POOL COVER MAINTENANCE - NB  - POOL COVERS Prevent water AND chemicals from evaporating therefore REDUCE your regular dosage of chemicals! If you have a salt chlorinator turn the needle down so that less salt/ chlorine is produced.Alternatively you can run your pump for much shorter time periods thereby saving on electricity. TEST YOUR WATER REGULARLY TO ENSURE THAT YOU HAVE THE CORRECT PH LEVELS. If the water is too concentrated with chemicals they will attack and destroy your pool cover, which is not covered by the guarantee !

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